Fast loading website to be ranked high soon on facebook

Facebook never lose opportunities to provide better user experience by trying when ever it is possible. This time Facebook team rolling out a new update to rank the external website in your news feed based on loading speed of the website. Soon you will figure out something different in your browsing experience while scrolling your news feed. In past Facebook is very conscious about making news feed more engaging and relevant for their users and heavily invested on AI and machine learning to do this task. As Facebook engineer said 40% of the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. This they don’t want to waste your time and as well your data. Also, Facebook working on different projects like, Facebook lite, use of drones to deliver data and many more things.

Why it matters to you?

Soon, your Facebook News Feed might look a bit different. The latest update will rank faster loading websites higher on your feed to provide you with more relevant stories.

Beside of this to show your relevant news feed facebook working very hard. There are lots of different factors which make an effect on your news feed like which device you are using, your past browsing history, links you click and what you like more and what not.

Are you a tech geek?

If you are a tech geek it may matter more to you. Professionals like internet marketers, webmasters and startups need to care about it. Because if your website is not fast you may lose heavy user base. These days a lot of new emerging technologies are there to make your website faster and mobile ready like the progressive web app, react.js, and other mobile frameworks. In next few months, you may see a bit different in your social media referrals.






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