Top 11 highest paying skills of 2017

In past year we surprised by lots of enhancement in innovation which leads us in a positive direction. This fast forward move welcomed by the open arm by everyone. In coming years economy and businesses also shift into digital form which results in more transparency.

There are lots of companies and startups take the pledge to solve problems. To make all this happen companies need full of skilled professionals and willing to pay great packages for their talent. Institutes and universities also create these types of courses as they know only rote learning is not enough to generate industry level experts.

Also, the way in which startups and businesses choose professional is change. Rather than background education short term job oriented courses are in trend in today’s time. Students from Udacity and Coursera now also placed in big companies.

Flipkart Says No to traditional campus Job Interviews and Yes to Udacity!

Bengaluru is the city from where the most number of professionals are going for upskilling, followed by Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune.

Below is the list of highly demanded skills of today’s time which leads to a better career as well.

  1. Project Management

  2. Cloud and distributed computing

  3. Cyber Security

  4. Digital Marketing

  5. Big Data & Analytics

  6. Mobile Development

  7. Database Management and Software

  8. User interface design

  9. Algorithm design

  10. Social media management

  11. Middleware and integration software

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